Did you receive an IRS Audit Notice?

The most common reaction to an IRS Tax Audit notice is panic however it doesn’t need to be. Many IRS audit notices are randomly generated to ensure there are no large discrepancies on your tax return. Occasionally, however, there may be some items in your tax return that raise a red-flag and the IRS just wants to verify it. Regardless of why you received an audit notice, it’s important that you follow a few simple recommendations:

Be Proactive

Don't ignore the audit notice. It contains time-sensitive requests that must be addressed.

Stay Positive

Not all audits result in paying more taxes. Many IRS audits result in no additional taxes owed or may even result in a larger refund.

Get Organized

Organize your records and receipts. The IRS will accept legally reconstructed receipts that were previously lost. 

Leave it to a Professional

Let our team of professional CPA with extensive IRS audit experience do all of the work for you and ensure you're in compliance.